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I thought she was beautiful as I stood there peeking in through the window. Yes, she was beautiful as she stood there in front parasite konusu the mirror naked, fondling her small firm breasts, pinching her cute stiff nipples with one hand, her other hand rubbing her hot pussy slit, tickling her clitoris parasite konusu slipping her small finger up into her tight pussy opening.

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I stood there watching as she took herself to a peak then over the edge, her body spasming and jerking as she took herself to orgasm. I knew right then and there I was going to fuck that girl and give her parasite konusu real pleasure I was sure she was fantasizing about when she finger fucked herself to an orgasm.

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Yes, I was going to slip my large stiff cock right up into that little, I férgek otthoni előkészületei, virginal cunt of hers taking her virginity and fucking her until she orgasmed like I was sure she was dreaming of.

I slipped into the house and going to her bedroom door which was also open just a crack.

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She was home alone her mother having gone to a meeting with a friend of hers, and would be gone until almost midnight. I was sure that would give me the time to enjoy her cunt giving her the pleasure that she would keep coming back to me for.