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Videó átirata Hello there Doctor Pingel here so I have a great question that you guys submitted and that is how do you know if diet is enough for supplementation or if you have to add additional supplements for example, turmeric Well, it's a great question because ultimately, my goal is always to manage the majority of your health with diet diet is so important food is medicine, but unfortunately, you can only extract so many nutrients from your food at a time.

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So if you have a past medical history that has medications toxin exposure or if you're. Or a lot of stress you may have to catch yourself back up.

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I always say it like this if you had a glass of water and it's only slightly full just that will keep it about the same right supplementation fills up the glass a little bit more so that it starts to overflow or gets close to overflowing. So once you've filled up the glass, you can maintain a lot by diet.

It in curries soups, you know, I love it.

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You can even bake it into baked goods. You can put what is best parasite cleanse in smoothies, but it's really only going to keep your glass at about the same level.

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